Moline Elementary School Lunch Program

Welcome to the Lunchroom!

Parents and Guardians,

Please note...a bag of chips and a bottle of soda or juice is not a healthy lunch.  Students who bring their lunch to school must bring a complete lunch.  If only a bag of chips and/or soda or juice is brought, the items will be returned home and the student will be given a school lunch.

Cupcakes and cakes are not allowed for classroom celebrations.

Food not allowed: most cookies, cakes, candies and cupcakes.

Remember, in accordance with sanitation standards, all food brought to school from home to classroom parties MUST be store bought in the original wrappers.

School Lunch

Healthy food ideas for classroom parties:

  • Pretzels
  • Dried Fruits
  • Fresh Fruit
  • String Cheese
  • Cheese and Whole Grain Crackers
  • Granola Bars
  • Cereal Bars
  • Breadsticks
  • Graham Crackers
  • Animal Crackers
  • Low-fat Pudding
  • Baked Chips
  • Trail Mix
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Fruit Cookies
  • Low-fat/Low Calorie Cookies
  • 100 Calorie snack packs
  • Fruit Snacks, roll-ups, etc – Ingredient statement will specify grapes, orange juice, apples or pears from concentratee

The Healthier Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 does not allow food to be given as a reward. Alternative ideas for classroom rewards:

  • Certificates
  • Stickers, pencils or bookmarks
  • Show-and-tell
  • Bank system- earn play money for privileges
  • Extra computer time
  • Make deliveries to the office
  • Be the classroom helper
  • Sit by friends
  • Play a favorite game
  • Fun physical activity break
  • Dance or listen to music in the classroom
  • Have extra art time
  • Watch a fun video
  • Eat lunch or have class outside
Using food as rewards teaches children to eat when they are not hungry. This can lead to problems for children such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Using food as a reward can also undermine classroom nutrition lessons. Students are taught about healthy lifestyle and choosing healthy foods in proper portion sizes.